7 Tips for an uptodate kitchen

While designing a modern kitchen, one encounters mostly two main streams. The simple and functional modern style, versus the hospitality and familiarity traditional design has to offer.
Nevertheless, a successful coupling of them both is to be chased after, since it is this compilation that creates the impressive new kitchen type.

1.Open Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen has been renounced as the new focal point of the house, thus everything from cupboards to fridges, become extrovert. Open cabinets and glass dividers yelling for transparency; highlight what is to be a beautiful kitchen. Interiors are not hidden any more. They are the main characters of the show.

2.Sculptural Fixtures

Accessories such as sinks & faucets can turn into “sculptures” changing radically your kitchen style.

3.Splash of colour

Color is not to be limited onto utensils and decorations. Dare to use it on your appliances and selectively on cabinet parts for way more young and pop aesthetics.

4.Ζεστά υλικά

Transform an industrial kitchen to something totally new by adding wooden elements in warm hue. Contrast will touch up your design.

5.Indoor-Outdoor Blur

Create blur borders between indoors and outdoors. Use wide glass windows and doors to connect your kitchen with the yard plein-air.

6.Εξατομικευμένα πλακίδια

Let your own personal taste glow and be the one to decide exactly how your kitchen tiles will look.

7.Σύγχρονα υλικά

High quality materials, such as Corian, with antibacterial capacity and flexible fitting are ideal for kitchen counter and so on.

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