10 decorating stereotypes Vol.1

Decoration is an art offshoot and a way of expressing feelings at the same time. Neither art nor emotions need strict limits or outdated rules. Express yourself freely, shaking down all the 10 following decoration stereotypes.

Stereotype 1: Use light colours in small rooms

This is one the most famous decoration tips allowing only light colours in small rooms. This theory supports the belief that dark surfaces make a room look smaller . But the truth is that in some cases, dark hues assist the depth of field and add character.

Stereotype 2: Avoid prints

The use of many different patterns is associated with the distasteful part of the 80’s, or the earlier kitsch philosophy, sending out a negative feeling. Despite that a careful mix and match approach can make your house look modern and fun at the same time. Don’t hesitate to combine a variety of prints on walls, floors, textiles, accessories.

Stereotype 3: Small furniture for small rooms
You may think this is common sense but if you fill up a room only with small furniture and accessories you’ll end up living in a place that seems even smaller. Try play with scale! Place a huge sofa on the living room , while maintaining the overall balance and your room will be beautiful and functional.

Stereotype 4: Better have a white ceiling

Usually the white colour choice concerning the ceilings is spontaneous since white is the colour connected with brightness and happiness. In a room with adequate height, picking a different colour for your ceiling make it playful and outstanding.

Stereotype 5: Works of art are to be placed on the wall only

There are so many spots to place and promote works of art and it doesn’t always have to be on the walls. Just place a painting on the ground or on tables without nailing them and go side by side with the new trend of organised chaos.


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