10 decorating stereotypes Vol.2

As the years go by, every designer and decorator adopted some silent strict rules such as: white ceilings, small furniture and bright colours for small rooms, the canonization of sets and so on. But if you have a close look on the examples of some special interiors of this decade, you will note that minimum of these rules are actually taken seriously.

Stereotype 6: Cover the whole house up with carpets

Carpets and rugs are to be found in almost every house, usually occupying big surfaces. Floor is a fundamental design element, seting up a room’s character. Hiding the floor under a heavy carpet distorts its character . Try smaller rugs matching your room style.

Stereotype 7: You cannot mix old with new

Do not hesitate to combine old antique furniture with modern ones. Even classic pieces can match with pop ones. Create a stunning couple between 70’s and 00’s or 60’s with 90’s. The result will be extraordinary!

Stereotype 8: Hide your stuff

Until recently, what was common sense in most houses was a big quantity of closed storage spaces. The will was to hide away as many things as possible. Try the extrovert way by displaying your personal belongings, accessories, even your clothing. Choose shelves over drawers and elegant DIY hangers instead of a monolithic wardrobe. Your own staff will be the main decoration of your house.

Stereotype 9: Do not mix different textures and materials

In order to avoid design accidents, most people tent to use just one main material in a specific hue, ending up in a rather boring feeling. Try mixing many different materials and in different hues while avoiding exaggeration.

Stereotype 10: Monochromy is boring

By mistake, a lot of people thing that monochromatic design is dull, adding nothing remarkable. A particular example proving this statement wrong is greek islands’ interior design. By using simply one colour you achieve calmness and stability in each space.

Source: http://stylecaster.com/home-decor-rules-to-break/

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