5+1 tips for your small bathroom

The creation of a bathroom that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasant, in a small space is a big challenge. Relying on the next 6 steps your bathroom will turn into the room you want to spend most of your time in.

1. Mirror mirror on the wall…

Mirrors make a room look bigger in length and depth by creating repetitive views and corrupted optical barriers. Choose modern mirrors with special shapes so for your bathroom to look modern and unique.

2. Storage Space

Be very careful in creating storage space able to keep your towels and cosmetics organized. If possible install hanging shelves for extra movement freedom.

3. The best sink

In order to buy the best sink for your bathroom don’t judge only by its looks. It is important that the shape and size of the sink is suitable for the room dimensions otherwise your bathroom will be far from ergonomic.

4. Natural and artificial light

Take the most advantage of natural light since it is the kind of light that actually brightens up your bathroom making it look more spacey and clean. Combine natural with artificial light for the desirable outcome. Best solution for makeup preparation is two appliqué light fixtures in both sides of the mirror. Optionally you can add an extra central light in big spaces.

5. Avoid exaggeration

Avoid too much information in a tiny bathroom. Stay safe, with light shades, and give your bathroom vividness by using colourful accessories. If your bathroom is short in height, it is better to use up to two different tile designs instead of messy patterns and intense colours .

6. Shower

For tiny bathrooms it is preferable to choose shower over bathtub. It is not just the cheapest solution but also the best for space saving. It would be ideal if the shower cabinet has no door or built wall making the view through the whole room easier. Use a different tile where you install your new shower for an extra modern point.

Source: http://www.houzz.co.uk/

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