6 tips…on the table

Dinning, more than any other room is interwoven with parties, anniversaries and happiness. It is this room families come closer via a love-baked meal. For all these reasons you should take care and design a dining room ergonomic, functional as well as beautiful.

1. Sitting

Refresh your dining room by dying your chairs in different colours making an instant modern statement. Choose a variety of chairs instead of monotonous sets. The bolder ones, try using a bench which works great in a small room. Another refreshing idea is to match your old, traditional table with modern sitting creating an impressive mix and match combination.

2. Lighting

The right lighting is obligatory for dining room to look more friendly . When it comes to dinner, light should be bright but not blurry creating a warm atmosphere. Table has the leading role and usually a centered ceiling-hanging pendant is preferred at least at 2.20m from ground.

3. Say no to buffet

Forget about setting the dining table with a similar buffet. Try custom made solutions or a composition of open shelves, closed cupboards and drawers that will stand as a furniture of attention.

4. Piece of art

You don’t have to be an art expert to appreciate class, elegance and harmony a piece of art can add to your place. Choose a framed painting that arouses positive feelings and watch as the whole room comes to life.

5. Magic carpet

A carpet is not just to keep your house warm. Carpets and rugs help making a room soundproof and by picking the right texture and colour can change a place radically.
Choose a rectangular carpet for a rectangular table and a round carpet for a round table. A carpet that is set in the dining room has to exceed at least 10cm from chair edge instead of having two legs on and two out.

6. Table decoration

A dining table can be decorated in many different ways. The only thing one needs is fantasy. Choose big vases, weird and interesting accessories to make it special. A dining room must have is flowers and plants. They smell nice and make the place look fresher.

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