9 tips to make your space look bigger Vol.1

Living in small apartments one deals with stuffed rooms where there is not enough space for the necessities. By using the 9 following decoration tips, you can make your space actually look bigger.

1.Light shades

Choose bright colours not only for walls but also for flooring. These colours tend to create a light feeling and an enjoyable atmosphere.

Mirrors make spaces look bigger through optical limits camouflage and image repetition. Install a mirror opposite a window and watch as the light diffuses in room.

3.Metal details

Metal has similar advantages as mirrors. Use metallic accessories to add some character and light in the room thanks to reflection.

4.Hanging shelves

Prefer hanging shelves since they add storing space without being massive like bookcases or chests.

5. Take advantage of corners

The majority of houses have a big amount of unused corner points. The wrong opinion is obtained that corners cannot be functional in any way. So reclaim these parts of your house by creating reading, relaxing or storing spaces. You could also install a small home-office there!

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