9 tips to make your space look bigger Vol.2

Living in small apartments one deals with stuffed rooms where there is not enough space for the necessities. By using the 9 following decoration tips, you can make your space actually look bigger.


Optical barriers make a small room look even smaller. Big furniture and monolithic elements (compact walls, staircases) decrease dramatically the field of vision. To avoid all that go after transparency. Big openings, glass dividers and glass furniture let your space breath and look more comfy.

7.Secret storing places

Choose a furniture with extra hidden space for storage. It is a nice way to keep your house organized. The new trend in decoration is folding furniture. A perfect combination of functionality an space economy.

8.Slim furniture

While equipping a small room try avoiding heavy furniture design. Heavy furniture make a room look stuffy and is tiring for the eye. Try using light pieces that are also easy to move.

9.Wall display
You gain gain some space by creating a special corner on the wall to hang – organize – display your art or everyday objects on the wall. Make a D.I.Y structure from planks,panels,cork or whaterver suits you best and display your artwork.

Source: http://www.realsimple.com/

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