nZEB Building Construction

Construction of energy efficient buildings

Our work includes construction of energy efficient homes, offices and industrial spaces (nearly Zero Energy Buildings). Civil engineers, architects and mechanical engineers act together towards a common goal – creating an integrated energy design before moving on site. Using materials and alternative sustainable techniques, these innovative energy efficient buildings bring huge financial and environmental benefits.

Our team strongly believes that, by fully understanding clients’ wishes and training them on sustainable design, it is possible to create an energy efficient building without unnecessary extra elements and exaggerations of old constructions. Therefore we are proud that our CEO Nikos Lemonas is the president of INZEB (Institute of Zero Energy Buildings).

Make a difference in your environment, get your nZeb building!

Construction projects

Residence complex KaliSun

Construction Management • Kallikrateia Chalkidiki


Design Study • Building Construction • Chalkidiki

Boutique Hotel

Hotel Design Study • Kallikrateia Chalkidiki

Maisonette in Tagarades

House Construction • Tagarades Thessaloniki