Building Maintenance & Management

Building and Construction Site Maintenance & Management

An increased interest in cost reduction, an emphasis on quality and quick services created the need for more alternative proposal. It concerns regular maintenance and management of buildings and construction sites which brings back more than just financial benefits. This proposal is mainly addressed to middle and upper businesses, with a significant number of building facilities. We remain in constant cooperation with the owner, commit to managing whole infrastructure and written guarantee that everything works exceptionally.

Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance takes place every week and includes the following steps:

  1. Recording malfunctions
  2. Restoring damages
  3. Pricing

One of our engineers visits site once a week, to record any spoilage, after which he writes a report (including photos) along with a formal restoration proposal and immediately send to a client for approval. The maintenance work starts as soon as we obtain the approval and when it’s over a detailed report is sent to owner via email. Payment invoice has to be done in 30 days since they’re issued by bank account. For an orderly cooperation we suggest the composition of a Building Guide in which we describe in detail every possible work and cost (the guide can change according to emerging needs).

Urgent Maintenance 

Other than regular maintenance there might be a need of some extra work. In this case, our engineer visits the site on time and starts solving the problem. The reporting procedure is used just as in regular maintenance.