Home office- Refresh your home working space

Nowadays there is a rising need of working from home. People tend to work both in offices and at home many hours. A thoughtful design and careful decoration in needed in order to create a space both pleasant and functional. By practicing the following tips, not only you’ll have a nice corner at your house, but you’ll boost your creativity to the extremes as well.

Light it up.

Proper lighting affects your mood thereafter your productivity at work. Make sure there are enough light sources, so that you can work and concentrate fully. The perfect light combination is pure natural, when possible, along with a wide width diffusion pendant and a targeting desk lamp.

Less is more.Try More Less.

At a working place the only thing that should bother you is the work you are supposed to do, not the messiness. Go by less is more dogma so it will be easier to maintain your thoughts organized, and avoid useless accessories since this is a noise that reduce your focus.

Colour Splash

Choosing the right colours for the walls and every office surface is of great importance. The right colour helps you stay on duty longer and keeps you energized in a better level. Try not to use dark colours especially in the space you spend most of your time and prefer light blue, green or whit-ish instead.

Hot spot

Spend some time thinking about the right place for your desk. The characteristics of the proper spot are sufficient natural light, moving comfort and adequate privacy. Keep it away from the kitchen or the WC.

Law & order 

It is of great importance for every office to have as many storage spaces as possible. This helps you keep your files and tasks in order. A combination of both open and closed shelves and drawers makes the place look well designed while it is totally functional.

Search for furniture that is both comfortable and ergonomic. Don’t forget that a home office is in continuity with the rest of your house so try to embody it and not make it stand out awkwardly.

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