Home Renovation

We create spaces characterized by aesthetics and high quality

When it comes to home renovation, Becode aims to design personalized spaces for each client. Aesthetics, combined with high levels of comfort and energy efficiency, lead to an ideal living space.

New trends in home renovation, in combination with the existing economic reality and the general interest in the environment and energy efficiency, create a new relationship between a home and its user. In this new relationship Becode claims a leading role.




Home Renovation Process

A successful project involves these simple standard steps:

1. Listen + Discuss

The first meeting takes place in the home to be renovated. Our engineers measure and take photographs of the space. During our conversation with you, we take notes regarding your wishes in order to create a “big picture”. and define basic construction needs.

2. Design + Quotation

You receive a renovation folder which includes all the needed data:
Architectural drawings with alternative plan scenarios, equipment design, building drawings (mechanical, electrical, flooring, ceiling), furniture design, 3D renderings, material proposals, cost estimate, timetables, proposed suppliers (clients choice).

3. Construction

Before we start the construction, you sign a private contract and get a building permit, the project is insured and recorded in IKA. Along with on site construction, Becode offers a series of complimentary services such as: 3D visualization (both interior and exterior), Energy Efficiency Certificate, Architectural material and decoration accessories advice.

4. After sales services

Before the start of the project, you sign a private contract as a written guarantee of perfect work performance. By the end of the project you receive photographs with all installations and every certificate for materials used.
We suggest that one of our engineers visits the site 6 months after it is completed, to confirm that everything is of expected quality.

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation

Bathroom renovation

Bathroom is a particularly personal space, with increased design and construction requirements. Becode aims to create renovated bathrooms that are functional (appropriate positioning of sanitary articles), beautiful (tiles, lighting) and perfect (plumbing installations).

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Kitchen renovation

In some cases there is a need of renovating only parts of a house.
A usual case is kitchen renovation, one of the most functional rooms in the house. The kitchen, regardless of dimensions, is designed according to some parameters in order to be ergonomic. Becode has solutions for every possible kitchen set-up (linear, closed etc.) always focusing on design.

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Home revovation projects

Μονοκατοικία στον Trilofo

Renovation of Home • Thessaloniki

Διαμέρισμα 140 sq.m

Renovation of Home • Thessaloniki

Διαμέρισμα 22 sq.m

Renovation of Home • Thessaloniki

Διαμέρισμα 80 sq.m

Design + Construction of Home • Thessaloniki

Διπλοκατοικία στη Thessaloniki

Renovation of Home • Thessaloniki

Κατοικία στο Oraiokastro

Renovation of Home • Thessaloniki

Μονοκατοικία στο Oraiokastro

Renovation of Home • Thessaloniki

Διαμέρισμα στις Sykies

Renovation of Home • Thessaloniki

Διαμέρισμα 100 sq.m

Renovation of Home • Thessaloniki

House Renovation 100 sq.m

Renovation of Home • Thessaloniki