Renovation Manual

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For many, the renovation of a property is something simple, something easy … 2-3 good “crafts”, an internet market research, 1-2 friends who “cut their eye” and σπίτι the house will be ready in a few days! Let us, as Becode engineers with more than 700 renovation projects in our assets in the last 15 years, maintain our reservations and express a different point of view. A renovation project, small or large scale, requires a comprehensive professional approach.

Renovation without design and management by a qualified engineer, use of certified materials and application by specialized craftsmen … involves building “palaces in the sand”, personal sacrifices without substantial reward, waste of money, mediocre (or at best) final deliverable.

Concepts such as layout plans, 3D visualization, schedule, private contract, late payment clauses, project insurance, performance guarantee, procedures, licensing, insurance contributions, and weekly financial information are an integral part of a renovation. For us Becode engineers, the one-way approach is the vertical approach. Aesthetic renewal – Functional solutions – Construction interventions – Energy upgrade.

  • Aesthetic renewal: Architectural solutions, decorative materials, and color combinations that will renew the space.
  • Functional solutions: Property layout tailored to the needs of the user.
  • Construction interventions: Infrastructure works and radical replacement of the backbone of the property.
  • Energy upgrade: Energy upgrade proposals and energy-saving solutions that streamline the property.

Then some tips are given that concern each axis and give the stigma of a future collaboration with the human resources of the technical company Becode.