The Becode team is specialized in residential and commercial space renovation. Our innovative and fresh approach, as well as the focus on details and high quality design led us to finalizing more than 400 projects each of which was custom made and created with lots of care and passion.

4 pillars of Becode methodology

We believe that every space can be transformed into something special. In order to achieve that, we have developed a methodology that supports the way we believe a space should be:

  1. Space attractiveness
  2. Correct construction
  3. Space functionality
  4. Energy saving

Why renovate your space?

Renovation is a smart solution to optimize your space without having to build it from scratch. It’s an act of reviewing and improving your space purpose, costs and environmental protection (solar, privacy, burglary, and noise protection). Renovation increases the value and enjoyment of your space, the quality of your life and gives you a unique opportunity to make your dreams a reality.

Our renovation services include: