Tips about Colour Vol.1

Colour is a main factor considering the appearance and dynamics of a space. It creates a warm atmosphere and is a basic element of decoration. A successful colouring makes rooms more vivid and everyday interaction more pleasant.

Trick your space into bigger by using the right colour

-If the ceiling is at quite low level try painting it with vertical lines or use a bright white that makes it look higher.
-In case you feel your ceiling is too high, try using darker hues on walls and even darker for the ceiling. You can also either divide the ceiling in two parts and paint them differently or make it come lower by using the same colour 10-15cm on the upper wall level.

-If you’d like to see your space grow bigger, choose light colours and despise extreme contrast, whilst if you wish for the opposite use dark, warm hues and push the contrast to the extremes.

– Do you have a long-narrow room that feels sad? Choose the darker colour palette for the long side and the brighter for the short ones.

Colour Psychology.

Colour is touchy. It can make someone emotional and expresses feelings. Undoubtedly we can’t live without it. It has been proven that our preferences are inherent. We could say that colour has a positive and negative impact at the same time. The correct use of it on the house walls has a huge impact on our everyday mood.

– Blue

It’s a spiritual colour. Symbolizes meditation, prayer and sky. It exudes calmness, trust and helps healing. Ideal choice for bedrooms and spaces for relaxation. Blue needs powerful colours to help look brighter such as gray, pink and ocher.



Stands for health and prosperity. Suggests that the place is balanced, in well harmony and secure. Suitable for bedrooms and living rooms because it helps you rest and calm. You may notice it quite often in hospitals and schools since it is perfect for concentrating. Best match should be deep red and brown.

-Red and earth-like red (terracotta)

Powerful colour, extreme, aggressive in some cases indicates love, wealth, and luxury. By being the colour of passion and tense can easily make you tired and nervous. It would be better to avoid using it in rooms you spend a lot of your time and use it in a night room instead.
A hue rather easy to use is terracotta red. Its warmth makes your space hostile. Best match with blue, yellow-gray and olive green.


You can characterize yellow as creative and genius. It stands for power, confidence and courage. Yellow arouses memory and clarity thus turns out to be the best choice for offices. Nevertheless a very bright yellow can cause anxiety to kids and the elderly so better not use it in nurseries. A nice trick is to use yellow on your ceiling and secretly help your lighting system. A nice combination with yellow would be deep blue, blur red, purple and gray.


     To be continued….




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